Present Student Testimonials

Being at MSG-SGKM College has been a wonderful experience. I have learnt that success is a journey, not the destination and the college has been consistent in making this journey mesmerizing. Faculty members are very supportive and take great initiatives to inculcate knowledge and skills in students. Along with academics, a lot of different activities on campus allowed me to polish my talents and have an overall development. Various platforms allow me the opportunity to connect with people and have good work experience. I have learnt not just to become a good student but a good person.

Pavan Kaudare
TY-BSC.I.T Batch 2019-22

It was a great journey. From academics to cultural events, I experienced everything. The best thing about the college is the culture and the supportive environment, where everyone is focused, helps each other and encourages us to give our best at academics and co-curricular activities. The support from staff within the college has made our journey infallible.

Akshat Ghoricha
TY-BSC.I.T 2019-22

My journey in this college was different from the one I had expected. From being a shy and fearful guy to a confident, energetic and public speaker and many more, this college has helped me to overcome my emotions, pull me back and bring out all my hidden talent and confidence. Being confused about my future, this college has helped me find my interest and has shown me direction in my career. I would like to thank all the teachers and faculty members at MSG-SGKM College from the bottom of my heart.

Manav Mindhe
SYBSC.C.S 2020-2023

An introvert in the start and now the most extrovert of the class this college has helped me explore myself in ways I never thought I would. The teachers and facilities are very much helpful. You can always rely on them for any kind of help needed. With the right resources and the best infrastructure, our academic journey has been exceptional.

Mahima bhatt
SYBMS Batch 2020-2023

Talking about my journey in this college which is still in transition, it just feels like I am travelling on a train where after every station I get something new and impactful to learn which is always relatable to my life or situation. Also in this pandemic phase where students are fed up only due to academics and online lectures, there is our college that focuses on both practical and academic learning respectively. The unimaginable support I received from my seniors and teachers is commendable.

Shubham Rai
SYBSC.C.S 2020-2023

It’s been a great experience so being a shy student at first I have found the professors and staff to be incredibly supportive and helpful in our academic journey. The curriculum for my specialization has given me real experience for the field I desire to get into. I like this college because I can get the education I want. I would highly recommend this institute to everyone.

Jheel Palan
SYBAF 2020-23

I would describe MSG SGKM as exciting and dynamic. The best thing about being a student here is the number of additional opportunities that are available. I was initially attracted here by the school’s reputation, and my career goals. The best thing about the degree is having the freedom to think of an idea and test its practical application. I feel extremely lucky to be in an environment that allows me to conduct research on what interests me the most, so in all my time here I have never felt bored.

Bhavan Eligeti Shrinivas
SYIT 2021-23

I would recommend Universal MSG-SGKM and would encourage students to study hard and inform themselves as much as possible about the several academic opportunities the Institution offers. Our college takes the educational mission to heart, here you will find people that will support you and guide you on the path to your degree.

Deep Jain
TYBMS 2019-22

MSG SGKM is much different from most colleges I have seen. The student community culture is small, so it has a family feel even on campus. As a new college student, I had a lot of goals and aspirations. Over the past years this institute gave me an incredible number of resources, guidance along with academic knowledge to pursue my career. I also developed leadership and communication skills. With constant encouragement and support of my mentors, I strove for good grades and became very involved in student activities.

Vyom Raichanna
TYBMS. 2019-2022 President Student Council Committee.

College life is a perfect blend of academics as well as co-curricular. The college was too supportive not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. The Student Council played a very important role in this journey by making me realize my potential and skills. From these three years journey I can confidently say, I am a good leader, passionate about art and has boosted our confidence. The three years spent studying at MSG-SGKM College will remain the best and unforgettable period of my life. I like the supportive atmosphere here and the fact that the teachers are very helpful and encouraging.

Manisha Poojari
BMS 2018-21


This college is one of the most robust institutions when it comes to pursuing degree education. Through my personal experience, the college has constantly strived to upgrade its way of learning and teaching. One of the best perks of this college is the positive outlook of the faculty on a student’s holistic development like motivating us to innovate and experiment with new ideas and encouraging us to pursue academic and cultural/sports excellence, thereby honing our entrepreneurial outlook and personality development. Such factors coupled with an excellent teaching staff and an industrious college culture has made this degree program at MSG-SGKM one of the best experiences for me.

Smit Shah
BMS Batch 2014-17 Pursuing MBA from VES Institute of Management Studies and Research.

Talking about my journey in this college; It has been a life-changing one. The college has helped me a lot by showing me directions of my career ahead. Right from being an underperformer in HSC to an academic achiever in college, from a shy guy to a confident orator, being unaware about my life before college to connecting with my own inner potentials. Not only good academics but this college has given me all necessary skills which have made me industry ready. I would like to thank all teachers and faculty members at MSG-SGKM College.

Parth Dand
BMS Batch 2018-21 Ex-President of Student Council Committee

Life at MSG-SGKM has been a path breaking journey for me. With the best faculty members and their excellent teaching, my academics really upgraded. Practical sessions and timely access to technology, library and faculty members enriched my learning experience. The institute also supports meritorious students with scholarship, and I have been grateful for that. As WDC head, I could conduct many events and connect with many wonderful women achievers. The community life at MSG campus is amazing which will bring out the best in you.

Nausheen Khan
BSC.I.T Batch 2016-2019 Software Developer Traceart Technologies

It’s been a great journey of learning and growing. The college has helped me a lot in every possible way. Be it academics or extracurricular activities, I have seen my growth. The Student Council played a very important role in this journey by making me realize my potential and skills. From this three years Journey, I can confidently say, I am a good leader, speaker, writer and good human being. I would like to thank our I/C Principal and all the faculty members at MSG- SGKM College.

Neha Rajbhar.
BMS Batch 2018-21 Ex-Vice President of Student Council Committee

My immense journey at MSG-SGKM has been amazing and unforgettable. This is much different from most colleges I have been to. The community here is small, so it has a family feel even on campus. Faculty members are very supportive and take great initiative to inculcate knowledge and skills in students. Along with academics, a lot of different activities on campus allowed me to polish my talents and have an overall development. I also developed leadership and communication skills. With constant encouragement and support of my faculties, I strove for good grades and became very involved in student activities.

Pankaj Charola
BMS Batch 2011- 2014 Senior Associate WNS Global Service

It’s a state of the art where the infrastructure is accomplished with highly intellectual n supportive faculties, where I was exposed to the cutting-edge technology which was the best practice in the industry. It not only helped me grow professionally but also inculcated the values which are going to be there with me all my life. The faculty here has helped me to brush up and enhance my social skills but also help me to grow more. The activities held at the campus enhanced my leadership and team-bonding skills and gave me that resilience to work under pressure and thin deadlines. Well, every day is learning. But the experience which I had at MSG-SGKM College was a firm and solid base which made my future learning more comforting and easier.

Sandeep Singh
BSC.C.S Batch 2013-2016 Data Analyst, Accenture

MSG SGKM is a place where you can find an amalgamation of learning. The optimistic environment of college has helped me gain confidence for life. My journey of degree years has been amazing with extensive faculty and administration support throughout. The college fest, workshops and seminars aid us students to explore various opportunities available for our overall development. Here at MSG SGKM, you shall feel the transformation within you when you enter and the day you leave, I can vouch for that because I have felt it!

Poonam Yadav
BMS 2013-2016 Relationship Manager, Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.

As alumni of the College, I can well assure prospective families that their children will be in the best hands with the teachers and staff. The faculty and staff truly care about the students and are available around the clock to help with student needs. Not only does MSG SGKM have a college preparatory education environment, but the faculty and staff teach life lessons to the students that will be used for decades to come. This college is nothing but great and is a one-of-a-kind college that cannot be found anywhere else.

Purvesh Shah
Bsc. CS 2017-20 Ex-President Student Council Office Manager Montex Pen

To put it simply, I am a proud alum of MGS SCKM College, and I owe a lot of my achievements and growth today to my tenure there. I have gained immense exposure through this college – be it academically or in extra curriculars. I was fortunate enough to represent my college in hundreds of national as well as international film festivals. All this, combined with the support and role modelling provided by the faculty at MGS have enriched my perspective and have contributed to the person I am today. I will always look back at my time at MGS SCKM College with a smile and I am certain that every student that graduates from here will have a similar experience to share.

Pratik Borate
EA to the CEO, Gozoop Founder, Black Motions (Bsc. IT 2017)

The journey of three years at MSG-SKGM was amazing. A place that taught us many things, evolved our skills, boosted our confidence, built our leadership qualities. Our college has the best professor who not only guided us in our studies but also guided us about the corporate world, future career options. The faculties have always been motivating students to participate in events whether are intercollege or intra-college but also making sure that we never neglect our study. The college days and the beautiful memories will always be remembered. Regards,

Riddhi Pithadia
BAF Batch 2017-2020. Manish Kothari & Co Intern (Finance & Accounts Field)

Joining MSG SGKM College has been one of the best outcomes of my career. Starting the journey of the degree college with this college was an incredible and life-changing experience. Being an introvert, it was difficult to open with people or blend in with them. This college has changed my introverted nature to an extroverted nature. I am proud of being an MSG SGKM student which has helped me to strengthen my personality. The mentors have helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. The entire faculty department left no stone unturned to shape one’s future. My three years at MSG SGKM College has been a wonderful journey. From being just an ordinary student to being the Public Relations Department Head and Content Management Head, this college has brought the best out of me. It allowed me to meet different people under one roof. I would like to thank all the faculty members at MSG SGKM College.

Krina Mehta
BAF 2017-20



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