computer science 02

Guest Lecture on Public Relations

Ms. Smruti Bhalerao, Founder of Prittle Prattle, a PR agency was invited to conduct a lecture on Public Relations. This session was very successful as she shared her experience with our students. Ms. Smruti focused on how communication and network marketing plays a key role in PR. This was really helpful for students holistic development.

Seminar on The Secret Book Session

The Secret Book Session was conducted by Mr. Harshit Doshi who is a Project leader at TATA Consultancy, MBA in Information Management.
The Secret book helps every person to understand the key to a happy life. It helped the students in understanding how they can achieve in what they believe.

Production Workshop

A production workshop of designing baskets was conducted where the students were given raw material and were explained the production process. They were given 45 mins to complete the task. In the end, the students analyzed the finished goods and bifurcated the waste products. The key areas which were focused on learning were team management, work division, inventory management, waste reduction, quality improvement, leadership techniques & inspection.

Movie Sessions

Audio-Visual is the most effective form of learning. Movies like 127 Hours, Pursuit of Happiness, Ek Ruka hua Faisla and Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year were shown. These were followed by interactive session which concluded in learning outcomes, namely believe in hope and hardwork, management learning on team building, communication, work stress and co-ordination.

A Fireside Chat with Travis Kalanick Ecell IIT Bombay

IIT Bombays E-cell division organized a one day Pre-entrepreneurship Summit-2016. The main objective of the pre-summit was to keep the students abreast of the methods and models adopted by real world organizations in order to survive and thrive. The Pre-summit provided a good deal of exposure to the experiences of leading entrepreneurs. The students were offered with the privilege of interacting with Mr. Travis Kalanik, CEO of UBER And Mr. Ronnie Screwvala CEO of UTV. Students were able to take a mini tour across all the main aspects of the industries.

Seminar on Career Guidance by WE School

Career Guidance plays a very important role in the lives of all individuals, as it helps in setting the future goals and provides options for the best suitable careers. WE School conducted a seminar for our students which helped them to understand further study opportunities. They discussed about programmes like Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Hybrid teaching techniques, specialized courses and seminars.

Visit to Mahananda Dairy

Our students were able to spend quality time viewing the packaging dept., labeling dept. and testing dept. They also got an opportunity to interact with the respective department heads discussing each of these processes. This was followed by a visit to Chhota Kashmir to have recreation and create more bonding amongst the students. The visit was good with lots of learning involved.