Consequences of Use of Unfair Means


  1. A student who is caught talking in the classroom during the examination, possession of any electronic equipment(s)/mobile/smartwatch or is found resorting to any of the acts listed below will be treated as the case of use of unfair means. 
  2. The Junior Supervisor/Block Supervisor shall prepare a report about the use of unfair means resorted by the student and the student will also prepare and submit his/her statement in the format prescribed. The JS/BS shall take away the original answer book of the student and shall issue the new answer book to the student. 
  3. The Senior Supervisor shall be informed of the above matter and at the end of the examination, the BS/JS shall collect the Original answer book and the new answer book issued to the student and submit the same separately to the Senior Supervisor. The Senior Supervisor shall forward the answer books, his report along with the report of the JS and Statement of the Student along with the copy of the question paper in a separate sealed envelope to the Chief Conductor who shall hand over the envelope to the Chairperson of the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee with due acknowledgement. 
  4. The candidate may be served a show cause notice and made aware of the charges/allegations reported against him to prepare his/her defence at the time of his/her appearance before the Unfair Means Inquiry Committee and informing him/her thereby, of the proposed action to be taken in his/her case with a request to reply to the show cause notice as to why the action proposed under it should not be taken against him/her. 
  5. The student may submit his/her defence in writing to the committee before or during the meeting. The reply received by the Committee from the candidate when he/she appears before it and the oral submissions/clarifications given by the student, will be considered by the Committee and the committee shall submit its final recommendation to the Principal based on the evidence before the committee. 
  6. The punishment finally awarded can be equal to or less than what is mentioned in the show cause notice, but not more than what is mentioned therein.
  7. The College Unfair Means Inquiry Committee is a recommendatory body. The Principal has to exercise his/her power U/S 87 of the Mumbai University Act, 1974 and issue final order.

The Broad Categories of Unfair means Resorted to by Students at the University/College/Institution Examinations and the Quantum of Punishment for each category thereof.

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