Computer Science deals with creating, developing and extending underlying Computer technology. This course provides an indepththeoretical understanding of Mathematics, Electronics and Programming. At the end of the course, a student becomes a completeprofessional who has knowledge of both hardware and software.


Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (B.Sc. – C.S.)


First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Semester I

Semester III

Semester V

Physics – I Mathematics – I Advanced Java – I
Physics – II Mathematics – II Operating Systems
Mathematics – I Mathematics – III Database Management System – II
Mathematics – II Foundation Course – III Data Communication Networking & Security – I
Foundation Course – I Discrete Mathematics Principles of Web Designing & Web Technology I
Computer Organization – I C++ Programming
Algorithm & Programming in C – I Database Management Systems – I

Semester II

Semester IV

Semester VI

Physics – I Mathematics – I Linux
Physics – II Mathematics – II Advanced Java – II
Mathematics – I Mathematics – III Software Engineering
Mathematics – II Foundation Course – IV Data Communication Networking & Security – II
Foundation Course – II Java Programming Principles Of Web Designing & Web Technology II
Computer Organization – II Computer Graphics
Algorithm & Programming in C – II Software Engineering