Prarambh is a 6 day Intra-college Sports & Cultural Fest.
The college hosts sports competitions which includes box cricket, rink football, track events, badminton and shot-put. It also has indoor games like carom, chess and Lan games which have hyped participation.
Cultural eye-catching events are Traditional Day, Twins days, Black & White day and Mix-Match day. We also host Fashion show, Dance competition, Antakshri, Business Quiz and the Grand Finale event – Mr. & Miss Universal.
Prarambh provides a platform to pool in the college talent, recognize the potential and facilitate them to participate in Inter-college events.

Seminar on Studies Abroad

A studies abroad seminar was conducted by VIEC institute. The institute professionals gave clear understanding of study opportunities available in countries like Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. They also counseled students on the application criteria, study loan available, procedure to apply abroad and discussed the benefits of studying abroad as well as how to make cultural adjustments. Students were keen to know more about studying abroad for which they were personally counseled after the seminar.

Parents-Teachers Meet

Parents-Teachers meet is conducted twice a year after each semester exam. The focus of the meeting is to discuss the overall development of every student with their parents. We also counsel the parents as well as the student on matters like low grades, problematic behavior, extra-curricular development and parent-child relationship. Parents-Teachers Meet is being conducted successfully every year and is very effective.